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Hello. I'm Tim (that's me!) and I'm one of the founders of Fabulous Masterpieces. We paint fine art reproductions of famous to lesser known oil paintings & portraits inspired by your photos, ranging from cats and dogs to people and houses.

Fabulous Masterpieces 

How good are they?

We think they're excellent quality. Museums have commissioned our art reproductions, owners who have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on original masterpieces from Christie's & Sotheby's have commissioned us to paint replicas of their paintings for insurance and security reasons. Interior designers & owners of stately and historical houses have commissioned period style art reproductions from us. Hundreds of people in fact who just want something a bit more special than a poster or print in their home have commissioned replica oil paintings & portraits from us for their blank walls or to give as gifts to loved ones. 

Really, we don't proclaim to be Leonardo da Vinci, but we're very good and paint to an extremely high standard ensuring you get the highest quality portrait or art reproduction possible.


Why us?

We're in our third year now (we started Fabulous Masterpieces in 2007)  and have a gained a reputation for affordable yet high quality artwork. We've also just been voted as the second most loved business in Kensington & Chelsea by our customers!  We want to be as open to you as possible and want to stand out as being a reliable, trustworthy & genuine portrait & fine art reproduction company. You can read reviews and post reviews about us (good and bad!) on BView (click here), an unbiased site. Come to our art exhibitions, I've posted some photographs below of our last exhibition at The Troubadour gallery in London.

Art reproductions Fabulous Masterpieces Art Exhibition

Fabulous Masterpieces Customers  Dog Portrait by Fabulous Masterpieces

(To see more photographs from our art exhibition please click here)

You can also read our blog to see more examples of our portraits & fine art reproductions and catch up with the latest news.  You can also see examples of artwork on our Paintings in situ page, portrait page and finally the art reproduction compare & contrast page.


What are the benefits of ordering with Fabulous Masterpieces?

  • Truly great value for money and beautiful oil paintings. All our art is hand-painted onto canvas by a professional artist. They are not prints or done by machines. Look at the close ups of one of our art reproductions below, You can see the brush strokes vividly.


detail of oil painting by Fabulous Masterpieces detaoil of fine art reproduction by Fabulous Masterpieces

  • Free delivery - thereby saving you money.
  • We only use premium materials & Winsor & Newton oils meaning you receive a longer lasting painting and a higher quality piece of art.
  • Many art reproduction companies don't even publish their telephone number! At Fabulous Masterpieces, you can call us anytime between 9 - 6pm, Monday to Sunday.
  • We're a local London based company too!


What the press have been saying....

monet art reproductions the great wave hokusai

pet portraits  portrait artists

Would you like to see more photographs of our work?

Many of our customers email us a photograph of their painting insitu once they've received their painting. If you click on the link below, it will show you aa selection of photos that we've received from customers.

Slideshow of insitu paintings

Alternatively, take a look at our Portfolio page!  We have six portfolios in total showing our fine art reproductions to portraits from photos.

Fabulous Masterpieces' Portfolio


How can I contact Fabulous Masterpieces?

You can call us Monday to Sunday 9am - 6pm on +44(0)20 8354 1818

Email Fabulous Masterpieces on info@fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/fabmasterpieces

Join us on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/FabulousMasterpieces

Read our bloghttps://fabulousmasterpieces-blog.co.uk/

If you're still interested in hearing more, below is a short interesting clip filmed at a rececent art exhibition. Tim Bertram explains who buys art reproductions and the types of commissions Fabulous Masterpieces are asked to undertake.


Period home owner?

If you're a period home owner you might be interested in seeing  a short clip of our oil painting of Prince Edward VIII being unveiled on Channel 4's The Restoration Man by George Clarke. To read the whole story & see the clip please follow the link:  https://www.fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk/page96.htm


Would you like a Quick Quote?

Please get in touch, complete the form below to send us an email.



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