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Having art on your walls is a definite way to add colour and brighten up the rooms in your house.  Not only can it tie in with your rooms style and colour scheme but it can also accentuate it.

It's probably best before you start buying your wall art to decide on a few things first.   

What is the function of the room?
The style and ambience of the rooms of your home should reflect your lifestyle.  However, it doesn't matter if you want to decorate your kitchen, office, living room or bedroom you always need to first ask yourself, what do I  want to get out of this space.

For example: 

·    Do you use the room for entertaining?

·    Is the area just for children to play in?

·    Do you use the room to relax and unwind?

Once you've decided what the room is for, you're then ready to choose your colour scheme.

For example use pale purples and greens for relaxing in, or a cheerful and lively yellow for the children's room.

  Water Lilies, Evening Effect     Monet's Water Lilies (c.1897/8)     Monet's Nymphaeas
Claude Monet - Water Lilies  Claude Monet - Waterlillies  Claude Monet - Nymphaeas
Ann Maurice, the infamous House Doctor often seen on Channel 4 said that Monet's Nymphaeas (see above) is:

"Organic, relaxing with fabulous colour inspiration. Perfect for any intimate, quite space such as a bathroom or bedroom."

(All are hand painted and are available to buy in the  Best Sellers  section)

Now that you've determined the function and colour scheme of the room, its time to find artwork to complete the look and tie in the colour scheme.

A hassle-free and sure way to have art match the accessories and colour of your room is to use the Designer Art Service here at Fabulous Masterpieces. Since all you need to do is send or attach a photo of the colour or pattern that you want matched, and one of our highly skilled artists will hand paint it for you and deliver it to you ready to hang on your wall.

Designer Art   Designer Art   Designer Art

On the other hand you might want to choose sophisticated floral pictures for say your bedroom.....

Van Gogh's Irises                           Van Gogh's Almond Tree                            Samual Peploe's Tulips
Van Gogh''s Irises   Van Gogh - Almond tree   Samuel Peploe''s Tulips

 Or landscape paintings for your study and office area

Monet's Landscape: The Parc Monceau, Paris (1876)
Monet''s Landscape: The Parc Monceau, Paris (1876)

You also need to consider the style of your room

  • Does it reflect a modern lifestyle?

Liubov Popova. Fine Art Reproduction by Fabulous Masterpieces    Liubov Popova _ Landscape    Liubov Popova - Abstract Art                           Painterly Architectonics     Popova's Birsk Landscape           Popova's  Painterly Architectonics, 1917

Then perhaps take a look at the

Abstract Painting Section and in particular Juan Gris and Liubov Popova


·         Traditional and Classic?

Pissarro, Boulevard Montmartre - Spring   Pissarro - Two Women in a Meadow: Sunset at Eragny (1897)  Turner - Petworth Park   Boulevard Montmartre, Spring     Two Women in a Meadow               Turner's Petworth Park             

Have a browse through paintings by Pissarro and Turner, or if you want something really traditional take a look at Constable located in the Best Sellers Section.

  •   Romantic?

 Bouguereau -The Abduction of Psyche (1895)   Bouguereau - The Kiss  Bouguereau - Plums                                                      Abduction of psyche                 The Kiss                                         Plums

Simple.  You can't get more romantic than William Bouguereau though you can always take your time looking at the Romanticism page.

  • Fun?

Take a look at Rousseau and his fun tropical paintings or search through the Vintage Art Section you never know what you might find!

Henri Rousseau - The Football Players  Henri Rousseau - Two Monkeys in the Jungleart rproduction
Rousseau's The Football Players               Rousseau's Two Monkeys in a Jungle

Remember the style of your home is dependent on your own personal taste and is a great opportunity for you to add character and personality into your home. 

For more advice on how to select the right painting that best suits your home or to get a quote on any of the above paintings please fill in the quick form below.  Or call us for a quick chat on 020 8354 9280. 

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