Fabulous Masterpieces provides a superb opportunity for all kinds of business to portray the right image and feel to employees, clients and customers.

Bussiness Art, Fine Art Oil Reproduction

Displaying museum-quality paintings in a workplace is not only a beautiful enhancement to any room, but it can also benefit your company in several ways:

• Portray a professional image
• Relax clients
• Give a special aura to a room
• Say something unique about the owner
• Provide a talking point
• Boost the company profile
• Support the idea of long-standing relationships and
• Enhance the model of solidity and reliability

Many of the paintings we provide have benefited all kinds of business in this way. And there's no reason why any workplace cannot benefit from owning a hand
-painted masterpiece or bespoke pieces of art designed specifically for your wall space.

The types of businesses we have advised and supplied art to are as wide and varied as the artwork themselves:

• Open-
plan offices
• Boardrooms
• Hotels and B&Bs
• Dentist and doctor waiting rooms
• Car showrooms
• Small art galleries
• Restaurants and pubs
• Tv & Film productions

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Feel free to read through some of our case studies where we have worked with clients to create the image they desire, you never know you might get inspiration!

Art for offices  Art for offices by Fabulous Masterpieces

Art for BusinessesArt For Businesses 


Case Study One

Company: Covert Marketing

Brief: Covert Marketing approached Fabulous Masterpieces to project a clean cut understated image yet one that projected success. They wanted to build on the image they already had and build upon it visually.

"It's important to convey consistency" says our Art Consultant , Sophie Camberwell. 

"It's no good having a reputation of a well-respected and confident company if when clients walk in they see anything but.  Your office ambience should reflect the image you have or want to convey, first impressions are everything these days and if you want to project traits such as confidence and success and show your clients that you can afford the luxury of having expensive looking art on your walls, prints and posters from Ikea are just not going to cut it."

Our Solution: With their walls being neutral we looked to brighten and dazzle their office by adding hints of colour with striking paintings that conveyed their image of understated elegance and success. The client didn't want flamboyant paintings or extremely famous paintings on his walls so painting reproductions of well known artworks such as  Vermeer's Girl with Pearl Earring or Van Gogh's Sunflowers would be inappropriate as understated they are not. 

As well as searching through our own collections, for added inspiration we decided to monitor auction houses to determine which understated art was changing hands. It was also helpful that we knew that one of his major clients adored Paul Signac, which we all thought was a great idea to include.

What the client said:  "I am overwhelmed and cannot recommend Fabulous Masterpieces highly enough.  They listened to what I had to say and  understood what impression I wanted to create.
They provided me with a selection of paintings to choose from and delivered them to me ready to hang.  In fact, they did everything and far exceeded my expectations".

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