Have a period property? You're going to need period appropriate artwork.

Georgian Art by Fabulous MasterpiecesA period home is a veritable treasure trove of opportunities to bring out the beauty and splendour of bygone eras. From the preservation of antique features to thoughtful interior design, such homes require attention to detail and authenticity to fully evoke the charm and majesty that makes them so appealing. It's no wonder, then, that locating suitable artwork for such properties is a task of considerable importance; a painting can serve as a focal point for a room, tie the area's elements together, present a striking conversational piece, or simply and quietly accentuate the beauty of a period house. 

Instead of grappling with the daunting task of tracking down just the right piece, simply let us know what era of artwork you're looking for, be it Georgian, Victorian, Art Deco etc and we'll create it for you.  Whether it's a fine art oil replica painting of a Turner or Gainsborough painting for a Georgian home, or an ancestral portrait to accentuate the property's historic connections we'd be delighted to help.

Those with valuable originals may wish to commission our replicas for display, while storing originals with a security or preservation firm. Paintings sold at auction or inherited by extended family can be painstakingly re-created and enjoyed in a complementary environment -- all through a convenient process and at an insubstantial cost.

Portrait of Lord Dacre. An example of Georgian art for a Period Property Owner. 

Lord Dacre by Fabulous Masterpieces.  Oil on canvas.


Some recent hand painted period portraits that we have just completed


Lord Nelson by Fabulous Masterpieces. Oil on canvas.



Scipione Pulzone's Lavinia della Rovere by Fabulous Masterpieces. Oil on canvas.


 period portraits

 Sir Reginald Mohun and his wife, Dorothy Chudleigh of Ashton, Devon. Size: 190cm x 111cm, hand painted by Fabulous Masterpieces. Oil on canvas.


 ann boylen portrait

Anne Boleyn by Fabulous Masterpieces. Oil on canvas.


Handel composer portrait 

Handel by Fabulous Masterpieces. Oil on canvas.


judge jeffreys hanging judge portrait 

Judge Jeffreys by Fabulous Masterpieces. Oil on canvas.


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