Due to many of you asking us if we could stretch your painting before it's delivered, we are now offering you the option to receive your painting stretched and ready to hang!  It's completley hassle-free and saves you time in having to search for a framer.

You might be asking yourself what is stretching?

When you buy a painting or even a poster online or a print from a National gallery, they are usually rolled up and placed in a secure tube for transportation.  In the case of paintings you then need to go to a framers so they can stretch it onto bars in order for you to hang it up on your wall at home.  That process is called stretching.
The start of the Stretching process                     Canvas being stretched on a wooden frame
Canvas about to be stretched                   Canvas stretched and being secured at the back

Before a painting is framed it first needs to be stretched onto stretcher bars, then the painting can be framed at your local framers. (Although, it's quite fashionable at the moment to leave paintings unframed and just hang them as stretched canvases). 

Below, is an example of one of our stretched paintings. So if you order a painting with us and would like to have your painting delivered already stretched, it will arrive exactly like our Arcimboldo reproduction painting below - ready to hang on your wall.  You can then decide whether you would prefer to leave it as a stretched canvas or pop into your framer to choose a frame.

Arcimboldo's Autumn as a Stretched Canvas 

Our replica of Arcimboldo's Autumn.  An example of a stretched canvas.

Yes, we've listened to your comments so should you want your painting stretched, when you go to buy your painting, just click on the option + Stretching and voila your painting will arrive ready to hang in your home!

All of our portraits and reproduction oil paintings are made-to-measure.  However, we've found the most popular sizes that people order are 50cm x 60cm (20 in. x 24 in.) and 60cm x 76cm (24 in. x 30 in).

To stretch a painting that is 50cm x 60cm (20 in. x 24 in.) we charge £60 + VAT, which includes delivery and insurance.

To stretch a painting that is 60cm x 76cm (24in. x 30in.) we charge £80 + VAT, which includes delivery and insurance.

If you have any questions please email us at info@fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk

Fabulous Masterpieces' New Framing Service

We can now offer you a full framing service! If you'd like us to frame your portrait or fine art reproduction, take a look at the brochure and let us know the page number and what style of frame you're after, eg. Swept, City, Reeded etc. We also make gold and silver leaf frames (up to 23.75 ct gold leaf), so if you're looking for a truly luxurious frame please just let us know. 


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