As an existing client, you can spread the word about our beautiful oil paintings & portraits and receive a bottle of Champagne or a £35 Fabulous Masterpieces Gift Voucher everytime you introduce us to a friend.

Introduce a Friend to Fabulous Masterpieces 

Like alot of small companies,  Fabulous Masterpieces gets the majority of its business by recommendations and by word of mouth. People like you, who have commissioned a portrait or a fine art replica from us nearly always refer us on to their friends and we think this deserves a big 'thank you'!

So if you recommend a friend to us and they commission a painting with Fabulous Masterpieces, you can either choose to receive a £35 Fabulous Masterpieces gift voucher, a bottle of champagne or a £20 Marks and Spencer voucher.

How does it work?

Fill in the form below (along with your desired gift choice) to recommend Fabulous Masterpieces to someone you know. If they go on to commission a painting we'll send you a reward.

You & Your Friend's Details

Please choose between a: Bottle of Champagne, £35 Fabulous Masterpieces gift voucher or a £20 Marks & Spencer voucher.


Please either provide an email adress or a contact telephone number.


Terms & Conditions: This promotion only applies to existing Fabulous Masterpieces customers. Fabulous Masterpieces will only use your friend's email address or telephone number for the 'Introduce a Friend' offer. By entering their email address you are confirming you have obtained their consent for this. You will receive your gift as soon as your friend has paid for and has approved their painting.