Turn Your Old Family Photos into treasured Family Portraits

Our Portrait Artists will paint you a beautiful oil portrait of your ancestors.  Fabulous Masterpieces is passionate about immortalising your family in oils (however far back in time!). Our portraits allow emotions, personalities and sentiments to shine through - creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Old Family Photos  Historical Portraits

                  Old Photo                                  Family Oil Painting hand painted by Fabulous Masterpieces


jack townrow portrait 

The process of commissioning an oil portrait of your family members couldn't be simpler.  Just send us a photograph or two of the subjects you would like to have painted (either by email or post), and using that to work from, one of our professional portrait artists will hand paint you a beautiful oil portrait onto canvas.

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 Ancestral Portraits


Old Photo historical portraits

Turn your precious old family photos into beautiful oil paintings.

  • You can choose the exact dimensions of your portrait as all our canvases are made-to-measure.

  • You can even tell your artist to omit certain objects or background details in the photo if you do not want them painted into your portrait.

  • If you want to commission a large family portrait, we can work from several photographs. We specialise in working from old black & white and colour photos and transforming them into beautiful period appropriate oil paintings.                                                                       
  • Our Oil Portraits take between 4-6 weeks to complete & dry, before being safely delivered to you.


19th century portrait artists  19th century portrait artists

portrait artists portrait artists london

Portrait artists london painting artists



View The Black & White Photos to Wonderful Colour Oil Paintings Portfolio


Popular dimensions & prices for turning old black and white photos into colour oil paintings.

Please note that prices can vary depending on the amount of  additional details that need to be painted. For example complex backgrounds, medals on uniform etc

Head and Shoulder Portrait Prices

All Prices include VAT, Packaging & Delivery.

Standard Dimensions

1 Person in Portrait

2 People in Portrait

3 People in Portrait

4 People in Portrait

30cm x 40cm





40cm x 50cm





50cm x 60cm





60cm x 75cm






Full Length Portrait Prices

All Prices include VAT, Packaging & Delivery. 

Standard Dimensions 

1 Person in Portrait

2 People in Portrait

3 People in Portrait

4 People in Portrait

50cm x 60cm





60cm x 75cm





75cm x 100cm





90cm x 120cm

For larger sizes please email us for a quote at: portraits@fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk



Historical Portraits

You may live in a period home or a listed building and would like to commission a portrait that reflects its historical connections.  Alternatively, you may be living in your old family home and want to commission a portrait of one of your ancestors such as the clients who commissioned the oil portraits of their relatives below.


Lord barrett

 sir reginald mohun portrait


You might have an old faded photograph of one of your ancestors at home and would love to commission an oil portrait of them.

Ancestral Photo  Ancestral Portrait, painted in oils by Fabulous Masterpieces

   Photo of Alfred                  Oil Portrait of Alfred

 Ancestral and Historical Portrait by Fabulous Masterpieces  Ancestral Portrait  Historical Portrait  Historical Portraits by Fabulous Masterpieces

For more information please email: portraits@fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk or fill in the form below.



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