Fabulous Masterpieces is a fine art reproduction company with a difference! 

Art Reproduction

Fabulous Masterpieces is an art reproduction company with a difference! We're not a generic art replica company that imports medium to low quality oil paintings from China. Nope, we stayed away from that.



Lower quality oil replicas lack so much of the finer details, that it makes the end result look poor and cheap. If you compare us to other art reproduction companies  you will notice a substantial difference in quality.  Why? Nearly all of our artists are from Saint Petersburg in Russia, and have been educated and classically trained. They expertly take the time to study what they've been asked to paint and painstakingly replicate even the smallest of details. This really makes the difference to your fine art reproduction oil painting and is definitely what distinguishes us from the other replica companies.  That is why even museums and owners of original paintings commission their replicas with us.


Hassle Free


Apart from the quality, a big difference between us and other art reproduction companies, is that if you're looking to order more than 4 paintings with us, and if you need us to, we will come and visit you, show you examples of our artwork and measure up your walls too. Meaning that you will get the perfect sized paintings for your wall space and we'll do all the work! Regretably, you'l need to live in the UK for this service.


Risk Free


If you're not sure about what size painting or even what paintings would look best in your home, we'll help take away all the risk with our great Mock Up service. All you need to do is email a photo of the blank wall(s) where you're thinking of hanging your artwork, and then we will provide you with a variety of different visual mock-ups. This includes mock ups of different canvas sizes and visual mock-ups of a variety of different style paintings. Meaning before you commission your artwork, you will confidently know that you like the way they look on your wall. We're yet to see other art reproduction companies offering this service.




To paint the highest possible quality art reproductions, our artists generally study and work from high quality prints that we can either source online or purchase direct from museums. If we cannot find a good enough image or print of your painting to work from, we often have to unfortunately turn down the job. We need to feel proud of what we paint just as much as you do when displaying it. As such, We will only accept your commission if we know we can paint you a fantastic museum quality oil painting.


Always here

Fabulous Masterpieces 

You can always contact us Monday - Sunday (9 - 5) by telephone +44(0)20 8 354 9280 and of course via email 24 hours a day. You can also connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and You Tube.




You can come and see our work when we hold art exhibitions! Our last exhibition was at The Troubadour Gallery in Chelsea. Click here to view photos.




We're in our 4th year now and last year we were voted 'The Second Most Loved Business in Kensington & Chelsea' by our customers! Since then, we've had our artwork shown on Channel 4's the Restoration Man and even been written about in the Saturday Telegraph and Sunday Times. Our portraits and replicas have also been picked up by various magazines from Traditional Homes & Interiors magazine to The Windsor Society Magazine, where our portrait of Edward VIII was on the front cover. We've also been doing bespoke artwork for interior designers, two of which were listed in House and Garden's Top 100 UK interior designers.



Fragonard, The Reader 

We will always provide you with information  and examples of our art reproductions. Take a look at our art reproduction articles page and check out our blog too!  If you would like to learn more, please look at the about us page.




Did you know, we are the first art reproduction company to publish an online art reproduction magazine. We've tried to include helpful articles on art reproduction, such as: '4 quick tips on how to choose the perfect art reproduction for you'. There's also lots of art reproduction examples, plus portraits by our two top portrait artists, Tom Lloyd and Sam Banks. Simply click on the centre of the publication to view the magazine. When you've finished reading it, simply press the white cross button located at the top centre of the page.


Framing Service


Fabulous Masterpieces now offer a full framing service! All frames are handmade here in the UK and are available in over 300 colours! Please take a look at our brochure above. We also specialise in replica frames and if you were looking carefully you would have seen our frames in the film 'The Da Vinci Code'. If you've seen a frame in a museum for example that you love and are able to show us a good image of it, we will be able to make you a very similar frame. Our framing service is only available to UK customers at the moment.


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