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June 2017


Fabulous Masterpieces was asked to paint a special painting as part of a promotional campaign for the film 'Transformers: The Last Knight'. It is an adaption of 'The Battle of Trafalgar' by Auguste Mayer with the twist of including the character 'Ironhide' in the painting.

Old Master expert and blogger Bendor Grosvenor declared it a "well done" copy.


Paramount Pictures (as part of a publicity stunt) hung our oil painting in the Dulwich Picture Gallery; peoples reactions are simply fabulous!

One clip shows a confused visitor look into the painting and repeat “what?” to his partner five times.


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July 2016

Fabulous Masterpieces' fine art replica oil painting of Monet's Waterlilies in Property & Home Magazine with Phil Spencer

Fabulous Masterpieces fine art replica painting in Property and Homes Magazine 



December 2011

Fabulous Masterpieces' Great Wave oil painting replica gets shown in the Metro Newspaper

Fabulous Masterpieces in the Metro Newspaper 


October 2011

Fabulous Masterpieces gets a mention in Stylista Homes Magazine

Fabulous Masterpieces 

Imagine if your favourite masterpieces were as much a part of your life as your favourite movies or music?...... Click here to read the article.


April 2011

Fabulous Masterpieces paints Harry Colt portrait for Betchworth Park Golf Club


Betchworth Park Golf Club is celebrating its Centenary this year. To mark the occasion, following the Club's AGM in March, an oil portrait by Fabulous Masterpieces of the course designer, Harry Colt, was presented to the Club by Barry Thomson, a Club Director. 


Traditional Homes & Interiors Magazine

A Fabulous Masterpieces' Oil Portrait has now been picked up and mentioned in Traditional Homes & Interiors Magazine.



 April 2010 

Fabulous Masterpieces at the Troubadour Gallery, London

Tim Bertram (one of the co-founders of Fabulous Masterpieces along with his wife, Anouska Hudovsky) talks about who buys Art Reproductions at their art exhibition and Networking event at the Troubadour gallery in London.


August 2009

Fabulous Masterpieces - Saturday Telegraph


PSST... looking for a cheap Rembrandt? Then Anouska Hudovsky could be your girl. The 27-year-old is doing a nice line in fake masterpieces. But it's all above board and this year Fabulous Masterpieces, is set to see income of £120,000.

"I was on a gap year of world travel and came across a lot of talented artists painting what they hoped people would want to buy," she says. "I thought, why not do the opposite? Let customers tell us what they want - a replica of an old favourite or a family portrait from a photograph." With copyright expiring 70 years after an artist's death, any of the greats can be safely copied. And they are. Customers range from private individuals looking for a genuine oil painting that no one but an art connoisseur could distinguish from the real thing, to corporates wanting to spruce up the boardroom and interior designers.

A 60cm by 76cm canvas will cost around £250. Sometimes wealthy owner may commission Anouska to recreate a copy allowing them to keep the original safe and secure, hanging the imitation. "We have just done one picture of 1m by 2m. The customer had bought the original from Christie's but wanted another for his winery in California." It cost £1,800 unframed.

"Now we are trying to target stately homes," she says. "They have lots of walls to be filled." Pictures can take up to two months to complete. "Brugels take a while because there is so much detail," she says. It's a simple business model. The artists are mainly based in Croatia and Russia, where lower labour rates mean Anouska, who runs the 18 month-old firm with former ad salesman, fiancé Tim Bertram, 38, can offer any painting to order at prices many can afford. If a customer wants Van Gogh's Sunflowers but in Andy Warhol-type colours, then they can have it. "If they want us to add things in, we can do that too."

Another big selling point is that a customer's favourite painting can be recreated in colours to match their living area: Monet's Water Lilies in red rather than blue. "People seem to want to buy copies of the most famous pictures," she says.


Fabulous Masterpieces in Dogs Monthly Magazine

3rd March 2009

"Amanda says: ' We commissioned a beautiful oil portrait of Harvey by Fabulous Masterpieces, which cost us just £250'... "

Dog Portrait by Fabulous Masterpieces 

Fabulous Masterpieces in Dogs Monthly Magazine

Fabulous Masterpieces gets a mention in Life West 9 Magazine



1st March 09



"If a whole wall make-over is just too much hassle, why not decorate your wall with a bespoke oil painting? At Fabulous Masterpieces you can commission a portrait, or any design you fancy for a fraction of the normal cost. Paintings cost from £200 and for larger pieces they will send round an interior designer to help you plan what would best suit the room....".






Fabulous Masterpieces Featured in Westside Magazine




1st August 2008

Absolutely Fabulous

Fabulous Masterpieces in Shepherd's Bush can recreate any of your favourite artworks. Neil McKelvie meets Tim and Anouska - the brains behind the business

Klimt's The Kiss

Above: Embracing all artists: Gustav Klimt's The Kiss

'We had one client who commissioned a reproduction of Goya's portrait of the Duke of Wellington, but with a rather strange twist. He asked us to subtly alter the face to include his own features,' smiles Tim Bertram. 'Apparently the idea was that his friends would assume that he was related to the Duke! He was deadly serious - he even wanted an exact replica of the frame. We had to get a photograph sent from the Prado Museum in Madrid, which currently houses the original, so that we could ensure a perfect match. We're happy to change details or backgrounds, but requests like that don't happen very often!'

Tim and his fiancée Anouska Hudovsky are the masterminds behind Fabulous Masterpieces, a Shepherd's Bush-based art boutique that promises to provide the ultimate solution to blank-wall syndrome by supplying museum-quality, hand-painted reproductions of famous (and not so famous) paintings. 'These days you can buy prints from high street stores, but by the time they've been framed you'll end up paying £100-plus,' Tim continues.
'Our customers receive a superb oil painting for just over £200: all our works are done to order by highly skilled professional artists who use fine linen canvases and the best Winsor & Newton oils. We're totally confident of the quality - which is why we always offer a full
money back guarantee.'

Tim and Anouska launched Fabulous Masterpieces last autumn, although the concept had been brewing for the previous two years. It was inspired by the couple's twin passions for art and travel. During a globetrotting 'year-out' they visited studios and galleries and returned with reproductions of paintings as gifts for family and friends. 'Everyone loved them - and that's when the idea dawned on us,' Anouska recalls.
 'So then we started following up contacts and word-of-mouth recommendations. After a year we had gathered together a core group of artists with the technical skill and 'eye' to replicate every style. They are paid upfront and that means we get a fantastic service; we have a four-week turnaround from accepting a commission to delivering the work.'

Fabulous Masterpieces makes the bold claim that its artistic stable - at the moment they have 36 artists in five countries on the books - can reproduce any work by any artist who died prior to 1938. The copyright will also stay with the artist's estate for 70 years after death. 'Some orders have sent us scurrying for the reference books,' admits Anouska. 'But so far, all commissions we've had have been matched with one of our team - no matter what style or artist.'

The commissioning process itself is straightforward. 'People get in touch and tell us what they're after - often our website has given them a flavour of what we can achieve,' explains Tim. 'After confirming the size and price, we email them a version of the original just to make 100 per cent sure that we're talking about the same work. Recently someone ordered a painting of Rouen cathedral by Pisarro, but it turned out that he had done two - and the one we had sourced wasn't the one the client had in mind.
 'We then commission the artist best suited to the style and when the canvas is completed, we send a photograph to the customer to see if they want any amendments. Then it's simply waiting for the oils to dry.'

As well as the reproduction element of the Fabulous Masterpieces business - it is proving popular with men looking for presents for their partners - Tim and Anouska also accept commissions for personal portraits of people and pets. Reproduced from photographs, their 'Designer Art' service allows customers to commission bespoke pieces of art that complement the colours and textures of their home. 'People send in a photo of the style that they want matched and we brief our artists,' says Tim. 'And, most excitingly, we're also starting to work with interior designers. They give us a brief and we create artworks that reflect the décor.'

In the future, Tim and Anouska would love to expand into the corporate market and, ultimately, own their own gallery. In the meantime, Fabulous Masterpieces is,
in Anouska's words, 'happy to paint anything that anybody wants. If you said: "I would like you to paint a Rothko-inspired artwork, but using pink and yellow," we would.'

020 8740 8708

Fabulous Masterpieces are in the Evening Standard's Homes & Property
16th April 2008

This week Alison Cork learns how to redecorate without the stress, buys one of the worlds greatest masterpieces and still has change left over for some gorgeous new tableware…

Monet's Japanese Bridge

Have you always dreamed of owning a masterpiece? Well now you can, and without breaking the bank. Fabulous Masterpieces creates and sells what it claims are museum quality, hand-painted reproductions of the worlds most celebrated masterpieces. A world away from the poster reproductions of student days, these luxury linen canvases are oil painted for that authentic, textured finish. Prices start at £147. Visit for more details.

March 16, 2008

Commissioning artworks to go with the decor: naff or interior design genius?

If you can tie in your decor with your painting, there's a certain wow factor


Toby and Clare Atkinson, a couple of newlyweds, had a dilemma. They loved Matisse's The Dance, but the painting, with its orange, green and blue colour scheme, didn't match their understated living room, decorated in dark red, cream and taupe. What to do? Sadly, Matisse didn't paint a version in those earthier tones, but the Atkinsons knew someone who would.

Her name is Grainne Jordan, and she will paint you something "in the style of" Picasso, Matisse or Miro, in the original colours - or, frankly, any colour you want. Whether it's for a private house, a hotel, a show flat or a restaurant, Jordan can paint her own take on originals to match the colour of the walls, the furniture, even the cat.

"The painting was such a success that Jordan, who now lives with her husband, Justin, a publisher, and their two small children in Dartmouth Park, north London, has "quite a number" of clients. For legal reasons, she will paint perfect copies only of paintings already out of copyright - that is, those by artists who died more than 70 years ago. With more recent paintings, such as those of Matisse, for example, she claims merely to be inspired by the original.

"Most people have already decorated their house, bought sofas and carpets, and want to buy art that works as well as possible within those parameters," says Jordan, who spends between two weeks and several months on a painting, in oil, and charges from £300. "And, of course, the client gets something unique."

Jordan does not have this curious - and apparently expanding - market to herself. Fabulous Masterpieces, an art-reproduction firm based in Shepherd's Bush, west London, also does its own versions of the classics. A note on its website sums up its offer: "Why spend hours and hours looking for art to match your furniture or your colour scheme when you can simply send us a photo of the pattern or a colour you love and we'll paint it for you? Art that's guaranteed to match your surroundings, your style and taste."

"We can paint anything that anybody wants," says Anouska Hudovsky, 26, who started the business in November. "If you said, 'I want you to paint a Rothko using pink and yellow,' we would." The works sell for £147-£350, and, says Hudovsky, are popular with interior designers: "People are moving away from having a painting they feel empathy with to having something that will stand out in their home, yet fit in."

Not everyone, however, is impressed by the idea of colour-co-ordinated paintings. "How tasteless can you get?" splutters David Lee, editor of The Jackdaw, an art magazine. "The designers have the excuse that they can get away with it and make money out of it, but, once you have tampered with people's original ideas, you are not dealing with the art any more, but with the fatuities of interior decoration.

"I can't believe people would be so shallow that they could have on their walls something that is no longer a work of art, but that fits the colour scheme of the curtains and sofa."

Fabulous Masterpieces is just wonderful. The artwork is beautiful and of the best quality and the service is exceptional. Keep doing what you do, I think you're fantastic!

Rita, London,

I think the idea that Fabulous Masterpieces has of picking colours for oil paintings to suit your decor is brilliant, The fact that i can also get this done for around £300.00 is just amazing.

Tina McGowan, London, England

Great concept, idea has proven to be very successful in USA good luck to Anouska (Fabulous Masterpieces) & Grainne

Juan, NY, USA

Look who's in the news again this Month!   1/2/08

Fabulous Masterpieces Featured in House and Home Magazine

Feature in House and Home Interiors

Fabulous Masterpieces offers chance to own million pound paintings at fraction of cost

October 23, 2007 (London, England) -
Fabulous Masterpieces, the prime source of top, museum-quality hand-painted reproductions of famous paintings and classic masterpieces, recently announced the launch of their new, bigger and better website,

The popular United Kingdom-based boutique art company continues to offer the unique chance to purchase impressive art reproductions of the works of renowned artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Pierre Renoir and Claude Monet. Buyers who are in the market for display items for the office or home can buy items at the highly affordable rate of £107.

Among those showcased in the site include remarkable reproductions of Kandinsky's "Houses in Munich," Renoir's "La Grenouillere," Monet's "Regatta at Argenteuill," Van Gogh's "Starry Night" and Da Vinci's "La Dama Con L'Ermellino."

Added features to the user-friendly website are the "Designer Art" section as well as the "Hot Paintings" section.

In the former, customers just need to send in photos of curtain material, tablecloths and bed linen etc, the pattern as well as design will then be used as the basis for a painting. Since every single tiny detail, no matter how intricate, will be captured and reproduced, the painting will for sure match the colour scheme in any given room. Designer art services can start from the very affordable price of only £60 with free delivery.  Truly, a cost-efficient way to not only liven up a room but to showcase one's discerning taste.

In the latter, on the other hand, buyers no longer need to contend with mere posters or prints of famous, million pound paintings. This is because Fabulous Masterpieces analyses the top most expensive pieces of art sold in auction houses worldwide and then compare these to their own fabulously affordable prices.

For instance, "Ansicht von Yalta" oil on cardboard by Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky, which sold for £822,506.14, can be bought for a mere £207 plus free delivery at Fabulous Masterpieces. Truly, waking up every single day surrounded by the likes of million pound paintings can be a source of inspiration and pride.

Satisfied customers have extended their praises for Fabulous Masterpieces. They say that they have become the envy of their friends and that their homes have that distinct "punch." Customers also take pride in the fact that the pieces showcase their respective tastes and personalities.

Fabulous Masterpieces will only produce genuinely 100 percent hand-painted products made out of the finest oil paints and made on luxury linen canvases. The company is known for employing only highly skilled, proven and professional artists who have the eye for detail, content, texture, scale and style. Hence, customers are assured of quality, professional work.

The products will also be sent to customers in durable, secure tubes. Moreover, for a very minimal additional fee, the painting can already be pre-stretched and delivered to the customer in ready-to-be-hung form.

Fabulous Masterpieces is also very confident in the quality of their reproductions that they offer customers a risk free, full money back guarantee with no questions asked. This certainly proves not only the company's credence but their dedication towards full customer satisfaction.

Given all these guarantees, customers can be assured that they only get their money's worth as well as that invaluable, lifetime feeling of satisfaction and achievement when they purchase high quality art reproductions from Fabulous Masterpieces.

For further details about Fabulous Masterpieces cost-efficient and elegant products, visit send an email to


For media inquiries please contact:

Anouska Hudovsky
Fabulous Masterpieces