See how your masterpiece is painted.....

The reproduction of fine art is a finely tuned and methodical process, only achievable by the steadiest of hand and keenest of eye. To ensure our paintings are produced to the highest quality, we only work with proven professional artists and with the best materials available on the market.

Our selection process is as involved and rigourous as the quality of our paintings.  Only the most talented and gifted painters are commissioned to work for  Each member of our painting team is a highly competent artist in their own right, but with something a little extra; they are all fully trained and able to mimic the specific artist or artistic style that is required to provide you with a fully replicated work of art.

If an impressionist painting is your desire, we have an artist dedicated to producing that style.  If perhaps a classical work is your forte, or even surrealism, nothing is beyond the skills of our highly talented artists.

The Process Stage 1 - Sketching 
 Preliminary sketches are first applied to ensure the foundation is ready on which to create a precise replication of your chosen work of art.

Stage 2 - Initial Layer
 The first layer is applied only when the initial sketch is accepted. This stage requires attention be paid to most minute levels of detail to ensure the painting is layered in the correct order and style appropriate to the chosen work of art.

Stage 3 - Outlines
 Here, the painting begins to come to life and take on the form on the original. The artist will spend a great deal of time ensuring accuracy of scale, content, colours, and quirks.

Stage 4 - Final Details         

The final details are applied only once the artist is satisfied the painting is replicated in the main body of work. By this stage the painting will be almost inseparable from the original to the untrained eye.

Stage 5 - Inspection
 Final inspection is carried out by our master painter only once the finishing touches have been applied. The painting, having already undergone the acute focus of attention from the artist, is then scrutinised by our master painter to ensure accuracy in every aspect. Only then will the work be considered complete.

Voila! You are now able to enjoy a beautiful work of art, lovingly hand-painted by a professional artist, using only the best quality materials and models that is as close a reproduction to the original that you can get.

The whole process takes approximately 3 to 5 weeks to complete. Your satisfaction will last a lifetime.