Commission a beautiful oil portrait, based on your favourite photos, exquisitely hand-painted by top portrait artists

In the past, having a portrait commissioned was time consuming & expensive to say the least. Though not anymore we're happy to say!  Simply email us a photograph and we'll hand paint your dazzling bespoke portrait in any style of your choosing. Simple.


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Commission a Portrait!

Bespoke portraits, based on your photographs, hand-painted by top artists



Oils are an ideal medium for portrait painting because of the rich flesh colours that can be created. With our affordable prices of beautiful oil portraits starting from just £250, it is now really possible and easy to have an incredible portrait created be it of yourself, your family, a loved one or pet.

We could even hand paint a portrait based on a photo you took whilst you were on holiday that was really memorable, or perhaps a photo you took of a loved ones wedding day. Not only is it something special that you can show off proudly in your home, but it would also be a fantastic gift to give.


5 Top Reasons to commission your portrait with us.

  • 1. Quality - Museums, Stately Homes & art connisseurs commission their portraits with us because of the quality of painting and art materials used.
  • 2.  Reliabilty - You can always telephone us, Monday through to Sunday, 9am - 5pm to talk about your portrait on 020 8354 1818
  • 3. Risk Free - If you want your portrait based on multiple photographs, you can use our mock-up service. We will design the portrait first in photoshop using all the images provided. This way there is absolutely no surprises. The artist and you will know exactly what your portrait will look like before you even commission your portrait. (N.B We charge £15 for this service)
  • 4. Honesty - After having a look at your photos that you want your portrait based on, if the artist does not feel that he can paint your portrait to the high standard that we all demand, (usually due to poor quality photos where details can not be seen properly), the artist will always let you know. We will only accept your order if our artists are 100% confident that they can do justice to the photo provided.

  •  5. Framing Service - Fabulous Masterpieces can now offer you a full framing service. All frames are handmade here in the UK and can be made in any colour of your choosing! If you'd like us to frame your portrait , take a look at the brochure and let us know the page number and what style of frame you're after, eg. Swept, City, Reeded etc. We also make gold and silver leaf frames (up to 23.75 ct gold leaf), so if you're looking for a truly luxurious frame please just tell us your requirements.


Child Portraits

Child Portraits Child Portraits


Below are examples of a selection of portrait commissions. If you want to commission a portrait of your child, please visit the Child Portrait Page. We have two great child portrait artists for you to choose from. To see examples of their work. Please click here.


Examples of Recent Commissions


Oil Portraits By Fabulous Masterpieces

All portraits are hand-painted onto canvas with premium Winsor & Newton oils

portrait commissions uk 

Fabulous Realist oil portrait, painted onto canvas by Sam Banks


 london portrait artist

Wonderful oil portrait of mother & son


Portrait Artists from photosAnother great family oil portrait, by the incredibly talented Realist artist, Sam Banks


This photo below was sent in by a customer who wanted to have a portrait commissioned for her husband's birthday.

 Portraits from Photos

Portraits from photos 


portraits from photos uk

bespoke art 

portrait commissions 

Photo taken whilst on holiday.   Commission a Portrait

  Photo emailed to Fabulous Masterpieces             Oil Portrait by Fabulous Masterpieces 


  Oil Portrait by Fabulous Masterpieces

              Black & White Photo.                           Black & White Oil Painting on Canvas. 

Dog Photo Dog Portrait

            Photo of Blauw the dog.                       Beautiful Dog Portrait.

(Note how we changed the background! Remember, if you ask us, we can hand paint the background of your portrait to any background that you want.)

For more examples of dog portraits please click here


This photo below was emailed to us with the instructions to:

"commission this image as a painting in an impressionist style and lose the the crowd in the background".

Photo given to us whilst on holiday   Painting of Bull Scene

Perhaps you have a very old photo that isn't the best of quality and you also want to make some changes to the background.  No problem, you can have any background you wish and although it's preferable to have a high quality image it's certainly not essential.  see below.

  Oil Portrait from Photo with Background change

                          Old faded Photo                                 Oil Painting

Wedding Photo  

                               Wedding Photo                                     Resulting Oil Portrait    


Photo given to our portrait artist     Portrait Commissions

                  Photo emailed in of Carla                                 Carla's Oil Portrait

   Portraits from Photos

  Photo of Tim (Director of Fabulous Masterpieces)      Tim's Oil Portrait                                 (Yes we use our own artists for personal use too because we love the quailty of their work and think they're fabulous value for money).

          Hand painted portrait of the first day at school 

Photo emailed in of Tessa's First Day at School.      Oil Portrait by Fabulous Masterpieces


 Portrait Commissions  Family Portrait Commissions

               Photo of Mark and Trina                                Oil Portrait of Mark & Trina

  Hand painted bespoke oil portrait   Oil Portrait Based on Your Photos  Portraits from photos by Fabulous Masterpieces

We really can paint anything you wish from any photograph, in any size and in any style.

Portrait of dad  Commission a Portrait of Dad

                             Photo                                          Exquisite Portrait, hand painted in oils

Old black and white photo Commission a portrait - Beautifil Oil Portrait

                    Photo                                                A distinguished oil portrait

Harry Colt

Fabulous Masterpieces' Oil Portrait of Harry Colt was commissioned from an old black & white photograph by Betchworth Park Golf Club to celebrate their centenary.



Commission a Portrait  Commission a Portrait

                         Photo                                                   Beautiful oil portrait

You might, for example even want to have your portrait commissioned in an abstract style, impressionist style or even in the style of Andy Warhol.  The choice is completely yours.


Have You seen Our Portrait Portfolio?

We wanted to make it easier for you to see a wide range of our oil portraits. If you click on the image below you'll be able to see our new portfolio, which includes the original photos supplied to our portrait artists as well as prices. We hope it shows you the scope of work that our portrait artists are able to undertake. If you would like a quote or more information on commissioning a portrait please email 



Oil Portrait Prices

 All Fabulous Masterpieces oil portraits are custom-made to your specifications and can be hand-painted to the exact dimensions that you require. To give you an idea of costing and popular sizes for our oil portraits please have a look at the table below. Delivery is free. To receive a quote for an alternative size simply fill in the quick quote form below or email:

Head and Shoulder Portrait Prices

All Prices include Packaging & Delivery.

Standard Dimensions

1 Person in Portrait

2 People in Portrait

3 People in Portrait

4 People in Portrait

30cm x 40cm





40cm x 50cm





50cm x 60cm





60cm x 75cm






Full Length Portrait Prices

All Prices include Packaging & Delivery. 

Standard Dimensions 

1 Person in Portrait

2 People in Portrait

3 People in Portrait

4 People in Portrait

50cm x 60cm





60cm x 75cm





75cm x 100cm





90cm x 120cm

Comission a Portrait Child Portrait

Bring moments to life with a beautiful oil portrait by Fabulous Masterpieces!

Yes, we can also work from several photographs to produce one oil painting!



Quick Quote Form

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